5 out of 5!

Check out this amazing review from one of my Amazon.com readers!! So very exciting… thank you so much for your kind words 🙂

Alphabet Fun
February 25, – Reviewed By ‘Spudman’

This review is from: Alpha Betty Soup (Kindle Edition)

“I’ve read many books
That try to teach letters
But can’t think of one
That did it better.

When I brought this book up on my computer, I really didn’t expect much. Too many kids’ Kindle books have disappointed me in the past for an assortment of reasons. Alpha Betty Soup is one of the best Kindle kid books I have ever read, and I read lots of them. Mellanie Bauslaugh uses the medium to perfection, using bright, vivid colors, short rhyming text segments, and zany illustrations.

Most alphabet books I’ve seen are just a listing of letters with example pictures. Some have rhyme, some have text, but most lack that hard to capture fun element that kids love, that inspires young readers to revisit the book again and again. This old, old kid and veteran teacher is absolutely bedazzled by this wonderful book and looks forward to sharing it with a young student embarking on the new world of letters and words. At the current price, this book is a steal.

Two of my favorites from the book:
Violet vampires vacuum at night – The accompanying graphic is outrageous.

Nine nutty nurses in nifty dance poses – The picture is etched in my memory along with the accompanying smile and enjoyment.

Well done, Mellanie! “


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